Work Life Transition


Finding Balance

I love my new job at a local gym. When I have not been at work, I have been meal prepping and trying to keep up with chores. Also, I have been doing training modules for hours at home. This has left me with little time to blog, to exercise, to study for my yoga and health coach certifications, and to keep up with my weight loss goals.

I know this transitional period is only temporary and that things will settle down soon. But it is frustrating to feel a loss of ability to meet my daily goals. Sometimes, I have to pare goals back and see what I can realistically get done instead.

Admittedly, I could have done better with my diet. I stress ate chocolate to deal with anxiety about going to work. And then I had pizza few times. I actually gained five pounds since my last weigh in where I had lost weight. I know that weight can fluctuate, but it is frustrating.

Catching Up


So, today, now that it is finally my day off, I am catching up on the newest season of Wentworth before my Netflix subscription cancels in three days. Wentworth is one of my favorite shows, and I will miss it! I usually rotate through television services based on what I am interested in watching during various times of the year. It saves money to rotate our subscriptions. For instance, I have a year of Discovery + free with my new Verizon mobile plan so we will watch a lot of that in the coming months. In the meantime, I can be saving money that I would have spent on Netflix and Hulu. I still have Amazon Prime and Disney +. My daughters are nearly grown but love Disney +! I am excited for the newest season of The Mandalorian to air on Disney +.


I am taking a look at the article ideas that I came up with for November and will then decide what I will write about and post on Nibbana Wellness. My former plan is too late to be implemented successfully. I just did not have the time to get this month’s wellness posts written in advance.


Tonight, after my COVID-19 booster shot, I am going to the gym with the girls and will lift weights. It will be my first workout in two weeks, and I am looking forward to it. Now that all of my after-hours training modules are completed, I can use that time for the exercise I postponed to get the work done.


Aside from the Halloween candy that I stole from my daughter a few hours ago (I always replace what I ate with king size versions), my diet will be back on track. I have healthy meals prepped and planned.


I am looking forward to getting back to all of my wellness, diet, fitness, and education goals now that I no longer have to take work home with me (training modules).

And I hope to post better wellness content in the upcoming weeks!

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