Unexpected Interview & Bulk Post Planning



After turning down an interview opportunity last night, I did not expect to wake up to a new interview opportunity. Even though the position is not in a gym, I am very much excited about it. The position is in a nursing home and you make and update care plans for residents. Care plans are similar to the plans health coaches make. So, I think working in that capacity could also help me develop better planning strategies and motivational skills. I requested to interview next Monday or Tuesday and am just waiting for a call to schedule the time. I hope this opportunity works out for me. I think it would be a great blend of my interests while also meeting my economic needs. The job I turned down was too similar to working in a call center. I do not do well in positions where I cannot get up and move around. I need to be both mentally and physically active.

Bulk Post Planning

Now that my bronchitis has improved greatly, I am feeling more energetic and getting more done. Today, I started a Microsoft One Note notebook for planning bulk posts. I am starting officially in November and have all of the article topics picked out. I plan to use some time this month to get all twelve posts completed. In time, I will add my Instagram account into the mix.

Changes to Nibbana Wellness

If you look at the tabs of the top of Nibbana Wellness, there are now two new pages and one page that was deleted. I added an affiliate page, a now mandatory privacy policy page, and I deleted the submissions page. I decided against soliciting submissions because I anticipate being very busy and having little time to read submissions, edit them, and so on.


Overall, things are going very well. I am hopeful about the future of Nibbana Wellness and about my economic situation. Getting stuff done feels great!

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

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