Trip to Estes Park & Job Interview & Future of Nibbana Wellness


Trip to Estes Park

On Sunday, my daughters and I drove up to Estes Park. Estes Park is the base of Rocky Mountain National Park. We had a lot of fun walking the shopping district. The shops had beautiful jewelry and other gifts. They also had shops full of interesting types of rocks. I love rocks. I had a rock tumbler as a kid. 

I took my fancy camera along but since it was very crowded, I decided not to use it. My youngest daughter took a few pictures in the gallery below:


We weren’t able to enter Rocky Mountain National Park due to park pass issues, but maybe I will get some nice photos there later.

Job Interview

I used my career coach’s advice, and now I have an interview for a medical office receptionist tomorrow. The plan was to get into an administrative position so that I can decide what I want to do from there.

I decided against being a caregiver or working directly with people who have disabilities (regarding Activities of Daily Living) because I am forty-three years old, and it is physically exhausting work. I only have X amount of energy each day, and I need that energy to keep up with my wellness goals.

Previously, I have been so exhausted that it took days to recover from a row of shifts. Also, I do not want to be called into work on my days off. I want to protect that time with my family. My daughters said they did not like that I was working on my days off, in the past. It is also not good for my wellness goals to be working when I need downtime.

I am surprised that I was contacted for an interview as I applied for the position on Friday afternoon! Tonight, when my brain wakes up from my two hour nap ( and the second Concerta kicks in) I am going to write down answers to common receptionist interview questions.

Normally, I try to relax and just be personable. I do not really like or enjoy the interview process. It feels dehumanizing on some level, if you think about it. This time, I am going to be rehearsed and personable. I tend to consider this as being somewhat fake, but I am trying to be more open-minded.

Future of Nibbana Wellness

If I am hired for the full-time medical receptionist position, I will likely switch to bulk content creation and post on a timed schedule. Also, I am still committed to writing some ebooks. I have experience in this already, but there is still more to learn.

Working a sedentary position will help me conserve energy for my fitness and wellness goals, and it will not exhaust me so much that I cannot grow Nibbana Wellness in the future.

I tend to perform my best when there is a scarcity of personal time. I think having too much time to myself leads to depression. I enjoy being active and productive.


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