Trainer Tips- Weight Training @ the Gym


Trainer Tips

This is my first Trainer Tips post. Yay! Today’s post pertains to tips for weight training at the gym. These tips work best if you are doing full-body weight training. Personally, I prefer full-body weight training over split weight training. I love how I feel when I have trained my whole body!

  1. Start with largest muscle groups, especially the legs. If there are no open machines to work your legs, pick up some heavy dumbbells or a fixed barbell and get to squatting! The idea is to elevate your heart rate so that you can burn more calories during the remainder of your weight training session.
  2. Work smaller muscle groups while working larger ones. Examples include pull-ups to target your back muscles while also toning your arms and shoulders. Add triceps dips while resting in between pull-up sets. If you are doing the leg press, use rest time in between sets to work your calf muscles.
  3. Once you have worked the larger muscle groups, then you can concentrate on the smaller ones. Consider lateral raises with dumbbells or try using a lateral raise machine.

When your training session is complete, take a few minutes to stretch all of the muscle groups that you worked-or that you feel like you need to stretch.

I hope these tips help. Happy Training!

Photo by John Arano on Unsplash

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