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Stop Self-Sabotaging Fitness & Wellness Goals (With Resources)


How we Self-Sabotage Fitness & Wellness Goals

We can self-sabotage our fitness and wellness goals in two primary ways:

  • Consciously
  • Subconsciously

Consciously Self- Sabotaging Fitness & Wellness Goals

Have you ever thought that you could never reach your fitness and wellness goals? Do you feel bad about yourself presently and desperately want to change but do not know how to start? Do you feel like you do not deserve time to work on your fitness and wellness goals? How about-do you feel like you do not have any time to devote to fitness and wellness goals?

The reality is that we can talk ourselves out of a lot of things that are actually good for us-even if that make us a bit uncertain and uncomfortable mentally-until we get them done. Doesn’t it feel good to fill in a circle in your fitness journal showing that you put in time to care for yourself that day? How about earning a badge from your fitness tracker? Or what about feeling the rush of endorphins after a challenging workout?

My daughters say that they do not feel elation following exercise, but if I ask them if they feel stronger, accomplished, and calmer, the answer is always positive. Okay-unless it is running. My oldest daughter hates running! It just makes her feel awful.

Go ahead, talk yourself out of exercising. Each excuse you give-that is a mental or physical barrier. You can remove those barriers if you acknowledge them and take steps to plan around them, or lessen their impact on your daily decision-making process.

The same holds true for eating a healthy diet. Just today, my daughters were craving a Mad Matcha Latte from the Human Bean. It is the end of the month-so we are short on splurge funds. Instead, I whipped up my oldest daughter a coconut cream strong latte. I made it with canned coconut milk that I frothed heavily, and I used my French press to steep some basic Folger’s coffee that we had in the cabinet. The youngest daughter received the same coffee but with a light frothing of vanilla soy milk. I made myself a Dazbog KGB blend espresso in my moka pot. I only had a small amount of the Dazbog blend in comparison to the Folger’s.

Instead of slurping down some seriously delicious Mad Mactha Lattes (loads of sugar), we had healthier (and quite tasty!) alternatives right here at home. The alternatives also had a much lighter carbon footprint, which is something we are trying to work on as a family. Xcel energy has been shaming us with bar charts that show we use significantly more energy than our neighbors. Probably because I am always home!

So, not only were our drinks healthier, they also spared the planet some to-go packaging and extra carbon. See links below about the carbon footprint our favorite beverage-coffee!

Write down your conscious feelings and beliefs about why you cannot achieve your fitness and wellness goals. Afterwards, take some time to write down some work-arounds, or ways to avoid allowing your negative feelings and beliefs from seeming so determinate, or fixed.

Get to work! Write it all out!

Subconsciously Self-Sabotaging Fitness & Wellness Goals

Sometimes we do not even realize that we are self-sabotaging our fitness and wellness goals. We think there will always be another day to put our plans into motion. We think there is no rush to getting started on our goals. Or, sometimes we have an underlying mental health issue that needs to be addressed. Mental health issues can impact our overall self-esteem and self-worth and this clouds our ability to make good and healthy choices sometimes. Procrastinating can make our mental health issues worse because we will develop a trend of feeling a loss of control over our choices and actions.

If you think you have a mental health issue, try online counseling. It is more affordable than traditional counseling sometimes. See links below!

You Are Worth Spending Time on Your Fitness & Wellness Goals Daily

It is not selfish to spend time improving your fitness and overall wellness daily. It may seem like it sometimes, especially when our children, family, friends, and employers need us, but think about how much healthier you will be if you take the time to care for yourself.

With this healthier version of yourself, you can be a better parent, family member, friend, and employee. It just takes time and consistency to reap all of the benefits of living a fitter and healthier life.

One thing you may want to do after you consider your conscious and subconscious reasons for self-sabotaging your fitness and wellness goals is to write down what fitness and wellness mean to you-these are your true goals. Goals that are meaningful to you will help you choose the activities and wellness options necessary to reach your goals each day (or more days than not!).

Mental Health Resources
Learn More About the Carbon Footprint of Coffee

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