Spin Day- A Workout Journal Entry + Job Interview Day


Spin Day

Today was a spin day. I got in a 30 minute 80s ride from the Peloton app. Tonight, I will add stretching and abs.

Job Interview

I meet with my job coach in a few minutes. Afterward, I have an interview for a medical receptionist position. I researched possible questions and acceptable types of answers.

After my spin ride, I got cleaned up and actually rubbed makeup on my face and blow-dried my hair. I use Juice Beauty CC cream (I may make an affiliate post about it in the future!), and it is very sheer. It makes you look like yourself-just cleaner. Haha. My kids tell me it makes my face look fresh. I just rub it on-like lotion. I’m low maintenance that way! You would never know that I wore full-face makeup in junior high and high school!

I did stress eat a “share size” bag of peanut M&Ms. I consider M&Ms a food group-especially with the protein and all 😛

But overall, I am looking forward to my two meetings. Both are online which is helpful since they are scheduled back-to-back.


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