Saturday Workday! Putting in the Work!


Balance This Weekend

Normally, I am pretty chill and docile on the weekend, but not this weekend. I have quite a bit going on, so balance this weekend has been a bit of a challenge!

Tasks Completed

So far, I have gotten quite a few tasks completed. Currently, I am basking in the glow of productivity. My fevered pace is not due to mania. Rather, it is the result of a combination of factors:

I am looking for a job with the help of a career coach. She has helped me recently put together a resumé that is skill-based. Almost 100% sterile. I always thought I had to make an impression by standing out. In reality, I just need to list skills from the ad in a cohesive and coherent way. I think I am getting the hang of it!

Completed Tasks Include:

  • Applied for 3 receptionist positions in the medical/senior care fields. All were full-time. I previously only wanted to work part-time, but I think with a sedentary position, I could manage full-time.¬†I want to have enough energy to meet my fitness goals!
  • Sent homework and update to my career coach.
  • Set up my Amazon affiliate account. I am officially an affiliate! I have to sell 3 items in 180 days or my status will be revoked. Considering this is a new site, I am a bit nervous! I chose to have funds deposited to my Amazon gift card account so that I can use the proceeds to purchase new items to review. I am trying to make Nibbana Wellness a self-sustained site to minimize its cost.
  • Researched online commerce options for Nibbana Wellness.
  • Researched ebook editorial, format, and cover options for Amazon Kindle ebooks to sell on specific topics.


I could upload a cell phone pic of the brainstorming page of my cool planner, but I think I will wait. I want to use better handwriting and my fancy camera for a future affiliate post instead.

Speaking of fancy camera, I took it out of the box today. I also put on my long lens and wide-angled lens. The battery is charging. My daughters and I are going up to Rocky Mountain National Park tomorrow morning to take in the autumn colors. I am very much looking forward to that as a restorative balance this weekend!

Photo by Aman Upadhyay on Unsplash

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