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Out & About

Today, my daughters and I went out and about. I still have very limited stamina due to worsened bronchitis. However, I was finally given an antibiotic that is helping immensely. So, today was exhausting just going out and having some fun.

First, we went to the dog park and let Toula run around and play with other dogs. Gumbo is too small for this dog park so he stayed home today. We walked a little around the dog park on a nearby trail. You can see the mountains clearly today and so it was a perfect autumn morning.

After taking Toula home, we went to the Halloween store here. Lots of fun stuff to look at. I think I was the ONLY person wearing a mask. I just do not want to take chances on catching Covid while I have bronchitis. It has been almost seven months since I was vaccinated so I am trying to be careful.

I think I racked up some modest mileage today. I feel exhausted from the activity, but it was a lot of fun to go out and spend time with the girls.

Now that I am on day two of antibiotics, I hope to be feeling much more spry pretty soon. I cannot wait! I am tired of feeling unwell.


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