Nibbana Wellness as a Brand


Branded Websites

Today, I perused some similarly branded websites and realized quite a few things! I also thought about how I could grow Nibbana Wellness as a brand.

  • I need to get comfortable with the camera again-Kind of like this comfortable:
Carolina Maine & Daughters in 2010-ish!
  • I need to learn how to use my fancy camera-It has been sitting in a bag for 5 years!
  • I need to add more media pertaining to my own fitness journey-That’s a tough one because I haven’t met my goals yet!
  • I need to study branding more in-depth.

The Future

I have been feeling a little down (see this post) lately, but after my trip to the dog park (see this post), I am beginning to perk back up and feel excitement about the future. Maybe it is time that I start believing in myself and my abilities again. Depression can rob you of joy, but it does not have to steal your present moment completely-or your future.

Good things will happen, and I am ready to make them happen! I hope you find that enthusiasm in life too!

Featured photo: Carolina Maine (me) Ignoring the camera. 2009. I have a love/hate relationship with cameras!

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