Meal Prepping on a Budget (UPDATED)


Meal Prepping on Budget

When you are low on funds, it is common to want to sacrifice substance for affordability. But you are in the right place here! Today, I am meal prepping on a budget! Affordability is built-in. You just need your favorite dressing, baked chickpeas, and some peanut butter on bread with cheese!

I normally make my own homemade bread. We usually eat this with tuna that we sauté with onions (bread recipe below)! But for the meal preps, I usually rely on the preservatives found in Sara Lee’s Artesano breads. I have tried using fresh bread and it spoils too quickly to keep for a week’s worth of snacks.

We also use Kroger brand salad blends and chickpeas to increase nutrition. Oftentimes, I do use more of the slaw-type of mixture as it helps with roughage, but in this case I used, Kroger Field Greens. You can top with your favorite dressing!

Bread Maker Tips

Leave your bread in the bread maker over night to minimize paddle holes in your slices! That’s it…basically.

2-lb Loaf Recipe

1 1/3 cups of water

1 1/2 teaspoons salt

2 Tablespoons sugar

1/3 cup instead of 1/4 cup vegetable oil. I use Canola. 1/4 won’t cover a high protein flour. 1/3 if using a high protein flour.

4 1/2 cups high protein flour. Wheat Mountain Natural White

1 3/4 teaspoons bread machine yeast

This is an affiliate post. You can buy this in bulk cheaply from Amazon. This is my favorite flour because it has more protein than other flours.

Salad with Baked Chickpeas

2 cans of chickpeas drizzled in Canola oil. Salt to taste. Garlic powder to taste. Cumin to taste. Chili powder to taste. Bake at 350º for 20 minutes.

Kroger Field Greens mix.

Dressing of your choice!

Peanut sauce dressing tastes wonderful with this mix!

Jiff Natural Peanut Butter on Sara Lee Artesano With Colby Jack Cheese

Thought I am lactose intolerant, I eat a little bit of lactose on occasion, but mostly I make this for my daughters as a snack in-between meals.


If you have contributions for budget meal prepping, please see the Submissions page!

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