Mama is a Robot!


Maniacal Scrawl

I shared my journal topics with a friend, and he is probably horrified by how manic it looks. However, I am very proud of myself today. That maniacal scrawl helped me to put on paper painful topics. I actually went to lie down on my daughter’s bed and shook for half of an hour after writing it all down.

I have since written 1,000 words of a shockingly tempered manuscript based on those earlier maniacal scrawls! I plan to write more this evening, but I have to balance in some physical and environmental wellness.

My Life

Maybe I should write some things about my life on here. Yesterday, I drove to Cheyenne, Wyoming and the girls came along for the ride. I activated Alexa. Yes, my youngest daughter has warned me about how evil Alexa is and how it can lead to the robot revolution. Nonetheless, I asked Alexa to play a song.

My oldest daughter exclaimed, “Mama is a robot!”

My youngest daughter chimed in from the back seat, “I knew it!”

And then the oldest daughter asked, “Does this make us cyborgs?” and we all laughed.

I guess I kind of sound like a robot talking to a robot.

I might be writing about difficult topics today, but I have a wonderful life!


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