Making Decisions About My Future…


Job Interview

The job interview at a local gym today went well. I will not know the decision until the middle of next week. While I was interviewing, I received a message from another potential employer that wanted to schedule an interview. I thought about the second position for several hours and then decided to respond to the recruiter. I thanked her for the invitation but said that I am pursuing another employment opportunity.

Wellness-A Way of Life & Career

It is very difficult to manage a mental health condition. In the past, I always thought that I would have a career after finishing my degree. Things do not always go as planned. Instead, I spent years trying to take care of myself so that I could be a healthy parent for my daughters. Now that one is grown and the other is nearly grown, I am looking for ways to fill my time in a meaningful way. While I do have financial stressors, I have worked enough “jobs” to know that monetary incentives are not a sustainable driving factor for me. I need to feel like I am helping other people and making a difference in order to feel fulfilled.

Achieving and maintaining wellness has been a way of life for me. I may not be at my peak physical condition due to metabolic syndrome (from olanzapine), but I am dedicated to living a healthier life. Making a career of helping other people achieve a life of wellness would be fulfilling to me. I think Nibbana Wellness, as a blog, also reflects that aspect of my personality.

Health Coach

Tonight, I opened my my ISSA health coach course and started reading. I am so excited about this course. It teaches you how to effect change in behavior that leads to transformation. Even I could use some help with that!


Sometimes it is difficult to make a decision to live a wellness centered life. There are only so many hours in a day and so many years of your life. It is hard to turn down other opportunities, but I think I am making the best possible choice for my own wellness goals. And I hope that I can help someone else along the way!

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