“How” Skills to Gain Control of Your Anxiety


Source of Anxiety

I am nervous about starting my new senior care job today. I know I have experience from a more difficult position in assisted living (dementia care), but I still feel nervous about going to someone’s home.


I have my headphones on and I am listening to music; it helps a lot.

Mindfulness “How” Skills

  • Nonjudgmentally
  • One-Mindfully
  • Effectively

Linehan, Marsha. M. (2015). DBT Skills Training Handouts and Worksheets, Second Edition.


I am not judging my anxiety as good or bad. It simply exists. I evaluated that anxiety is not harmful; it is my brain’s way of trying to be helpful. You can judge between helpful and harmful. If I were to judge my judging that the anxiety is bad then I need to not judge the fact that I judged the anxiety as bad. Break the loop of judgment as a weighted qualification of good or bad.


I am riveting myself to the present; listening to engaging music via my headphones helps. Doing one activity at a time can help you focus on the present. I plan to do this at work. Instead of freaking out about how many tasks I need to accomplish, I am going to take each one, mindfully, at a time.


I plan to be mindful of my goals in this situation. My goals are to find the client’s house, be on time, complete each task individually, and end my shift at the appropriate time. I’m going to focus on what works and not let emotion mind derail my goals. I will remember my skills at the dementia care facility and act as skillfully as I can in this new at-home environment.



“It’s neither drink nor drug induced. No I’m just doin’ alright.”

Song for the day: “It’s a Great Day to be Alive” by Travis Tritt


Photo by Marcos Paulo Prado on Unsplash

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