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Covid-19 Lockdown

I obtained my personal trainer certification during lockdown. I was also certified in sports nutrition and exercise therapy. I did not really intend to work as a personal trainer at all. I studied for the certifications so that I could learn how to better combat the metabolic syndrome that is caused by taking olanzapine, and other psychotropic medications.


Even though I did not intend to work as a personal trainer, I do want to teach yoga in the future. If I could have a dream come true, I would start a meditation and yoga center. I really liked Bonnie’s studio in the HBO television show, Big Little Lies. That looked like a perfect set-up.


I have looked into going back to school. I researched associate’s degree programs, and I read about master of arts programs in creative writing. I’m unwilling to go into education-related debt, especially at my age. I also hated regular school, and I would probably hate it now, just as much.


Sometimes it is hard to motivate myself to exercise. I know that it will enhance my mood, but I feel like I just cannot concentrate on exercising-if that makes sense. For instance, it takes a lot of mental energy to power through a forty-five minute spin ride. It isn’t realistic for an every-day exercise plan. Not for me anyway.

But yoga, you can spend a few minutes stretching or practicing a backbend and then you feel accomplished.

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If you want to learn more about yoga, then visiting Yoga Journal’s website will help a lot.

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