Excitement About Job Prospects & Career Coaching Session


Job Prospect

I am excited that I have an interview with a local gym this week!

Career Coach

Today was my career coaching session, and it went so well. If I am not hired by the gym, I will be sad, but I think I can carve out a pathway to a career in health and wellness. I am working on a yoga certification, and I signed up for the health coach certification by ISSA. I am super excited about both certifications and what they can help me achieve in the future.

I put studying for the yoga certification on pause for a while and am looking forward to diving back into that subject. I cannot wait to begin the health coach certification because I looked for a certification like it when I first began researching personal trainer certifications. I think being a health coach will complement what I write here on Nibbana Wellness.


Overall, I am very much looking forward to the gym interview. I know the pay is substantially less than other places I have interviewed with, but that is not a deal breaker for me. I am looking to get my foot in the door while I study for my other certifications. And I really enjoy the vibe of gyms; it motivates me to keep going regarding my own fitness and wellness goals.

Now. If only my bronchitis would just heal already! Today has been too crazy to squeeze in a workout 🙁

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