Drawing Up a Battle Plan


Planning for the Future of Nibbana Wellness

Today, I am doing research and will begin drawing up a battle plan to grow Nibbana Wellness. I have done some public relations work in the past so I think some of that could be beneficial, but there is still a lot more to learn about branding and content creation.

Planning for the future of Nibbana Wellness is distracting me from job market devaluation. I possess excellent and marketable skills. Unfortunately, the overall job market focuses on acquiring bodies for jobs that are not mentally stimulating for most people.

I think a lot of people are unhappy because their jobs just do not challenge them mentally. I am sure I am not alone in this regard.

Planning is sparking up my strategic tendencies, and I feel excited about what I can achieve here over time.

My Life’s Activities

This weekend, my daughters and I are going to enjoy autumn in the mountains. I am taking my fancy camera that I have not used in five years with us, and I will likely post about that this weekend.

I want to incorporate more of my life’s activities here on Nibbana Wellness.

Become an Affiliate

I am also going to become an Amazon affiliate and promote products here on Nibbana Wellness. I know a lot of wellness blogs focus on trendy supplements and things like that, but my limited income has helped me look for more affordable supplements and products that can really be beneficial.

Usually, I am uncomfortable with selling things, but I think I need to work on that in order to really grow Nibbana Wellness. I do have an idea to sell products that I make here-more on that much later.


When I started Nibbana Wellness, I did not think of ways to expand it and brand it for the future. I mostly wanted a successful outlet to share encouraging and helpful tips on how to live well with a mental illness. So, I am pretty excited to consider the possibilities. Also, I love to learn new things, especially, if I have a sense that what I am learning is meaningful and can be useful.

Thank you for reading Nibbana Wellness. If you would like to submit an article, please see the Submissions page.

Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash

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