Stop Self-Sabotaging Fitness & Wellness Goals (With Resources)

How we Self-Sabotage Fitness & Wellness Goals We can self-sabotage our fitness and wellness goals in two primary ways: Consciously Subconsciously Consciously Self- Sabotaging Fitness & Wellness Goals Have you ever thought that you could never reach your fitness and wellness goals? Do you feel bad about yourself presently and desperately want to change but […]

5 Ways to Boost Creativity

It is my opinion that creativity is vital to living well. However, I have not written a poem since 2011 (poem below) and have not felt especially creative for a long time. The medication I take dampens my vibrant imagination. Initially, what I failed to realize is that being stable will allow me to finish […]

Specific Niche and Focus of Nibbana Wellness

  Niche Nibbana Wellness’ audience is people with mental health conditions.   Focus Articles on Nibbana Wellness include articles in the following categories: Meditation Fitness Nutrition Managing Activities of Daily Living Recovery Maintenance Goal Setting & Achievement   Submissions If you would like to submit an article to Nibbana Wellness, please see the Submissions Page. […]

Coming Soon on July 1, 2021!

Nibbana Wellness is coming soon and will be fully online on July 1, 2021. Please see Nibbana Wellness’ About page to learn more about the mission of Nibbana Wellness and to learn more about its creator, Carolina Maine. If you are interested in contributing an article to Nibbana Wellness, please visit the Submissions page. Photo […]