Rebranding for 2022

Rebranding After completing my health coach text, I realized that I should rebrand Nibbana Wellness. This niche is not as successful as I had hoped. I had intended to create a site for wellness while living with mental health issues, but maybe I need a broader focus as this one is just not a very […]

Stop Self-Sabotaging Fitness & Wellness Goals (With Resources)

How we Self-Sabotage Fitness & Wellness Goals We can self-sabotage our fitness and wellness goals in two primary ways: Consciously Subconsciously Consciously Self- Sabotaging Fitness & Wellness Goals Have you ever thought that you could never reach your fitness and wellness goals? Do you feel bad about yourself presently and desperately want to change but […]

5 Ways to Boost Creativity

It is my opinion that creativity is vital to living well. However, I have not written a poem since 2011 (poem below) and have not felt especially creative for a long time. The medication I take dampens my vibrant imagination. Initially, what I failed to realize is that being stable will allow me to finish […]