Recovery and Productivity

Recovery and Productivity I tend to enjoy being productive, and this productivity is not limited to employment-related productivity. I enjoy knowing that I have meal preparations completed, that my carpet is clean, that I have written something meaningful, and that I have gotten in a good workout. I even consider spending quality time with my […]

Healing from Sexual Assault

Trigger Warning 1. Healing Does not Depend on Whether or not the Perpetrator is Punished Many people who were sexually assaulted never get any type of justice for what happened to them. If you are fortunate enough to have had your perpetrator punished judicially, it still won’t heal the wounds. Healing from sexual assault does […]

You Are More than a Diagnosis

I literally cringe when I see that people describe themselves with derogatory psychiatric terms or with mental illness diagnoses. It is not embarrassment for them that I feel. I just feel pain that they cannot see what is beautiful about themselves. They are, in a sense, internalizing the stigma held by others and themselves. For […]