Building Competence


Building Competence

Building competence is one of my favorite skills. I use it on days like today-when I think I haven’t achieved my goals and feel a loss in my skill ability.

To build competence today, I completed tasks that made me feel in control of my overall wellness goals.

  1. I cleaned the kitchen and delegated trash removal to my youngest daughter. I scheduled her some chores today.
  2. I made us breakfast which is something I haven’t done for a few days. I let the girls make oatmeal.
  3. I am baking bread and it will be done by the time I get home; then we will make tuna sandwiches. I prefer to bake my own bread and if you let it cool in the machine-the paddle hole fills in completely. I use a high protein flour and it is generally healthier than store-bought bread.
  4. I opened up my journal/organizer and filled it in for the month, week, and day.
  5. I am going to clean a bit before getting ready for work.
  6. Tonight, I am going to the gym to lift weights with either one kid or both. I plan to soak up some steam in the steam room later.

When you feel a loss in your skill ability, try to achieve smaller goals that are meaningful to you. Then, your brain isn’t stuck on the goals that were unrealistic.

Feeling skillful can lead to a feeling of happiness and even bliss!

Photo by Lina Nääs on Unsplash

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