Add Pictures from Your Life



My social media adept youngest daughter wrinkled her little mushroom nose at my posts without photos.

She wants me to get in shape and be a fit over forty social media star. No pressure there!

My girls love me to be fit because they say it is when I am happiest.


So, I compromised with these photos from my phone about my life.


These bamboo plants on bamboo shelves decorate our bedroom. There is a snake plant to release O2 at night and a salt lamp.

My daughter made sure that my cork yoga mat, my yoga wheel and my bamboo desk/shelves were pictured.

Bamboo furniture is good for people with asthma, like me. The humidifier is there because my body won’t adapt to arid climates.

So, you can see my sleeping area-somewhat.


I was too tired to go to the gym so I made the girls homemade brownies.

My youngest daughter argued that the first picture wasn’t good enough. I needed better pictures. Hence the other picture.

I really need to learn to use my camera and take better photos for future posts!



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