Hi, my name is Carolina. I started Nibbana Wellness as somewhat of a meditative practice to intentionally focus on wellness in my overall life and to share that in the blogging community. I also have a personal blog that you can visit at Bliss in My Daily Life.

Certifications I Hold Include:

  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Health Coach
  • Exercise Therapy Certification
  • Sports Nutrition Certification
  • Yoga Certification
  • Senior Fitness Certification (December 2022)

Why Nibbana?

Though I am Catholic, I appreciate the wisdom of other faiths, including Buddhism.

Nibbana is the highest bliss, a supramundane state of eternal happiness. The happiness of Nibbana cannot be experienced by indulging the senses but calming them. Nibbana is the final goal of Buddhism.

What Buddhists Believe

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