25 Non-Food Reward Ideas for Meeting Weight-Loss Goals


My Current Success

This morning, I weighed myself with a body composition scale and discovered that I have lost seven pounds this week. The weight loss resulted from a calorie deficit paired with exercise. Now that I have exceeded my goal, I began to think of non-food reward ideas to boost my motivation.

Currently, I am twenty-six pounds away from my goal weight. In brief, I chose my goal weight to be twenty pounds higher than my original starting weight because I had been severely underweight. In the old days, I would have considered my goal weight to be “fat.”

If you are anything like me, you have difficulty rewarding yourself for a job well done. Below are some non-food reward ideas to help you reward yourself without resorting to an ice cream or candy treat!

25 Non-Food Reward Ideas for Meeting Weight-Loss Goals

  1. Buy a new book and read it.
  2. Listen to a new audiobook.
  3. Buy a new water bottle.
  4. Try a new yoga or fitness class.
  5. Get a manicure and pedicure.
  6. Get a hair cut or cut and color.
  7. Dig out your supplies and give yourself an at-home spa day. (My reward for today!)
  8. Download FitOn (free) or purchase a new fitness app like Asana Rebel.
  9. Buy new clothes.
  10. Redecorate your room.
  11. Listen to your favorite playlist (or make a new one).
  12. Buy new headphones or sporty earbuds.
  13. Upgrade your footwear.
  14. Buy a fitness tracker.
  15. Start a wellness journal.
  16. Upgrade your scale.
  17. Update your bed linens ( Good sleep is vital to wellness!)
  18. Buy some amino acids and other supplements.
  19. Read a magazine that you enjoy.
  20. Read your favorite blogs.
  21. Listen to your favorite podcasts.
  22. Try a Metta meditation.
  23. Wear makeup. (Try natural and cruelty-free brands!)
  24. Buy some cozy socks.
  25. Go on a hike someplace new.

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Photo by Aleksandra Tanasiienko on Unsplash

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