1st Ride & Health Coach Certification


First Peloton Ride Since Bronchitis

Today, I completed my first Peloton ride (I use the app; I don’t have a Peloton bike yet-it is on my wish list!) in a week since my bronchitis diagnosis. I even wore my athletic compression socks to help in case I have some remaining clot issues as mentioned in this post. I did not have a heart attack or a stroke or a pulmonary clot so I think I am in the safe zone.

I am proud of myself for sticking it out for a forty-five minute ride. My heart rate was much higher than normal with less exertion so I think it is just because of the bronchitis. I should be continuing to get stronger as the days go by.

ISSA Health Coach

Today, I received an email about a new Health Coach certification with ISSA. I am interested in doing that certification in the future when my financial situation improves. I actually looked around for that kind of certification before looking at personal trainer certifications.

I am not really interested in programming fitness routines for clients-at a micro-managed level. I wanted to learn that for myself. And what I discovered is that I will stick to fitness routines that I do not have to think too much about because I can plan for days and then do nothing.

Spinning is excellent for asthma and since I can no longer safely run, I enjoy it and want to do it. But would I charge a client for this when an app like the Peloton app/bike can do the same thing? Probably not.

I do, however, think that coaching people to develop healthy wellness habits are what I was trying to do with this blog. I am imperfect, but I try. And I think most people can relate to that.




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